About this site

This site is of me, for me and by me. Like everything else in life, change is the only constant.

The site is designed to be accessible to as wide a range of people as possible, young and old, able bodied or not. That's the way the web is supposed to work.

All pages on this site conform to one of the following standards: either XHTML Transitional or Strict or XHTML 1.1. New pages are being authored in XHTML 1.1 exclusively and old pages are being slowly updated. All presentation is handled by CSS1 and CSS2 compliant stylesheets.

Most of the graphics on this site are in PNG format, with a few JPEGs for large photographic images.

Browser specific coding (hacks) are a pain to maintain and defeat the object somewhat. I therefore generally don't use them and don't care if things look a little different in some browsers; this is in fact to be encouraged. The only exception is when Internet Explorer breaks something so egregiously I can't ignore it; even then I would rather come up with a design that even IE can't break than start coding hacks. My pages get tested on the latest version of Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, in that order.

Legal Blurb

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