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Version: ? posted at 11:00 on 01/11/2004 by dunc

Add ability to edit exif data for images from album Manager. I would like to be able to correct the Time_Taken field on the photo's as I always leave the camera set to GMT (because I forget to change it when I go abroad). Not sure how feasible this is.

Version: ? posted at 11:00 on 01/01/2005 by dunc

Need a security/ logging in system to allow modification/ access to album manager?

Version: ? posted at 12:45 on 15/02/2005 by dunc

Ability to choose the sizes of the thumbnail and medium images the album generates.

Version: ? posted at 12:45 on 15/02/2005 by dunc

Option to create a re-sized (ie: smaller) version of the original images, overwriting the original; ie: ability to adjust size of 'largest' size image.

Version: ? posted at 23:27 on 21/02/2005 by dunc

Bug in albums: an apostrophe in an albums folder name causes that album to stop working altogether. Need to amend dir handling in all php pages. BADLY need to modularise this stuff.

Completed Items/ Changelog

Version: 0.58 posted at 03:56 on 01/09/2005 by dunc

Modularized getting album list and image lists from folder in album_helper functions; modified albums to use them. Front page now sorted newest first, shows date album created.

Version: 0.57a posted at 12:14 on 25/03/2005 by dunc

Fixed Image caption and Album Navigation bugs in Firefox. Also added Album Black as alternative stylesheet. Selectable in mozilla, firefox with an extension and Opera.

Version: 0.57 posted at 22:53 on 24/03/2005 by dunc

Changed comment displaying code to strip out HTML and tags and to convert things to HTML enteties where required. Much safer now. Also now displays the first 200 chars on the index page. Fixed up and improved directory listing code. Vastly improved navigation in image viewer.

Version: 0.56 posted at 20:24 on 16/03/2005 by dunc

Added simple support for album comments. Just create a comments.txt file and put it in the album folder. First 150 chars displayed on album page. Links to show_comment.php pop-up to display full comment if truncated.

Version: 0.55b posted at 12:30 on 15/02/2005 by dunc

Album manager Tasks fixed. Busted since 0.55, I think. Updated the 'album black.css' file for the black version of the albums. Added a link to the Manager on the Album Index page.

Version: 0.55a posted at 03:37 on 15/02/2005 by dunc

Alright, I lied. It's really fixed now though. Why do I even bother? IE5.x for Mac is like 000000000000000.1% of my hits. Grumble, grumble.

Version: 0.55 posted at 02:55 on 15/02/2005 by dunc

Updated the Album Manager layout to be more user friendly. FINALLY finally fixed the floating arrangement bug in IE5.x:Mac. Exposed bug in Firefox in process - which is bad. Bug is in firefox rendering engine (ie: not my fault) and is fixed in trunk - which is good. Also added version numbers to the list and arbitrarily assigned versions to older revs.

Version: 0.54a posted at 03:21 on 21/01/2005 by dunc

Updated the about albums page to remove links to actual albums (which tend to come and go) and use images from the ./images directory instead of album images.

Version: 0.54 posted at 12:53 on 14/01/2005 by dunc

Updated the Album Manager to allow you to force a re-create of all the thumbnail and medium images. Also improved layout in manager and added top-right style to albums.css. Re-written the about albums page. Still make things sound to complex though.

Version: 0.53 posted at 13:50 on 14/12/2004 by dunc

Changed some stuff in the style sheets (I forget what) to _finally_ (I think), sort out the floating arrangement problem. Also made things work on IE5.x:Mac edition.

Version: 0.52a posted at 02:00 on 22/09/2004 by dunc

Removed the mouseover/ hover border.

Version: 0.52 posted at 17:49 on 17/09/2004 by dunc

Improved Album Index display. Finally got rid of the stupid floating arrangement bug in my stylesheets. Also added a mouseover border. Not sure about this yet.

Version: 0.51 posted at 00:22 on 16/09/2004 by dunc

Added Manage link to albums index, links to album manager. Still just basically an information page. Needs the tasks finishing off.

Version: 0.5 posted at 11:15 on 30/07/2004 by dunc

Started Alum Manager.php

Version: 0.49 posted at 12:50 on 26/07/2004 by dunc

Fixed bug in new caption handling in Image viewer.

Version: 0.48 posted at 00:07 on 26/07/2004 by dunc

Improved caption display for images with different exif layouts. Removed exif display for software only exif images. Added writeExif function to album_helper.php. Improved about page.

Version: 0.47 posted at 03:15 on 21/07/2004 by dunc

Changed thresholds for large and huge album cover images to better handle lots of larger albums. Changed from: 20-30 = large; 30+ = huge to 20-40 = large; 40+ = huge. Created this list.

Version: 0.46 posted at 21:00 on 15/07/2004 by dunc

Much improved thumbnail creator feedback. Improved album index and removed 'Re-create thumbnails' link. No longer needed. Tweaked stylesheets to make hr's look better on IE, space album indexes better.

Version: 0.45 posted at 22:00 on 12/07/2004 by dunc

Removed the 'tiny' thumbnails, as they're not needed. I'm now using scaled thumbnail images instead (as these will be in the browser cache); should have done this to start with. Thumbnail creator no longer creates 'tiny' folder and images.

Version: 0.4 posted at 01:29 on 09/07/2004 by dunc

Album Index with album covers; album covers relative to album size; thumbnail updater no longer times out; tiny images created for next and previous navigation in image viewer; thumbnail updater creates album covers; tidied up album index. Bugs: Next and previous 'x of y' thing sometimes gets x and y wrong; Album index page sometimes has gaps (may not fix).

Version: 0.3 posted at 19:00 on 05/07/2004 by dunc

Thumbnail creator now creates a 'tiny' folder as well, and tiny images to go in to. These are about 80 pixels wide. Added navigation to the image viewer (which shows the medium sized images). It now has a next and previous link at the bottom; these display images from the 'tiny' folder.

Version: 0.2 posted at 18:06 on 02/07/2004 by dunc

The thumbnail creator now gives better feedback about what it's doing and the image captions are also better. Image viewer better handles images with no exif data and images with no camera exif data, just software exif data (ie: from PhotoShop).

Version: 0.1 posted at on 13/05/2004 by dunc

Created first version of photo album thing to use during holiday in vegas.