Making SCD Yoghurt

Homemade Yoghurt

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9/10 | 26/05/2003 | takes 1hr + 24hrs, makes 2 litres

1.5 litres Whole Milk 1.04
0.5 litres Single Cream 1.09
1 cup Commercial Yoghurt 1.00

1.57 per litre.

Combine A in a large pan. Slowly bring to the boil and keep at a gentle boil for half a minute, stirring constantly. Be carefull it doesn't boil over. Leave to cool to room temperature. In a cup combine B with a large spoonful of the cooled milk; mix into the cooled milk. Put yoghurt mixture into yoghurt maker for 24hrs.

Get a yoghurt maker here: (2 liters), or here: (1 litre)

You're basically following the recipe on the right which makes 2 litres. Just halve all the quantities if you've only got a 1 litre yoghurt maker.

What else you need

Simple Step-by-step guide

The basic idea is to heat the milk (and cream) to kill any bacteria which might be in there when you start, then cool the milk, add your yoghurt bacteria (in the starter yoghurt) and leave it somewhere warm for 24 hrs. to turn into yoghurt.

  1. Put milk & cream into pan
  2. Slowly bring to the boil, stirring all the time
  3. Boil very gently for about half a minute or so, being carefull not to let it boil over
  4. Turn off heat and put pan aside to cool to room temperature


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