This scene was originally inspired by the growth patterns of fir tree needles, belive it or not (they grow out from their branches in spirals or helices.)

Medium sized image of my helix scene.

The helices are created from rotated stacked slabs with the centres cored out, and soon became DNA like. The tuquoise 'nucleotide' ladder was then added and the scene was built to explore the structre and the interesting shadows cast by it.

Larger versions

Best quality listed first; although all these images are very high quality, compression artefacts creep in when using JPEGs. No browsers currently support JPEG 2000 images, although many graphics applications do.

1600×1200 true colour PNG file (lossless compression). 2.24 MB (2,356,796 bytes)
1600×1200 true colour JPEG 2000 file (lossey compression, 70%). 472 KB (484,164 bytes)
1600×1200 true colour JPEG file (lossey compression, 20%). 382 KB (391,267 bytes)

Sample source material

Work in progress render of twisted slabs. Work in progress render of helix. Work in progress render of helix with prototype ladder centre.