Fractal Lines

Based on a type of fractal made from lines arranged in space, like dropped sticks. I came across this while browsing through Newcastle University Library, but now cannot find and reference to it. Still, looks interesting. Scene file generated using a little delphi program written for the purpose.

Medium sized image of my fractal lines scene.

Larger versions

Best quality listed first; although all these images are very high quality, compression artefacts creep in when using JPEGs. No browsers currently support JPEG 2000 images, although many graphics applications do.

1600×1200 true colour PNG file (lossles compression). 2.04 MB (2,139,900 bytes)
1600×1200 true colour JPEG 2000 file (lossey compression, 70%). 440 KB (451,282 bytes)
1600×1200 true colour JPEG file (lossey compression, 20%). 519 KB (531,689 bytes)