Duncs Portfolio

A collection of some projects I've completed, pieces of example work and a few other odds and ends.

Web Design

Codeistry Logo
All my freelance web development work is now handled through Codeistry, my company. To find out about Codeistry and to see my client work, just follow the link to the Codeistry website.

Art & Graphics

Ray tracing

A collection of ray tracing pieces done at art college, university and for fun. What is ray tracing?

These images are clickable and will take you to a page with more detail and larger (and therefore slower to load) images.

A thumbnail of my radiolarians scene.
A thumbnail of one of my dna helix scenes.
A thumbnail of my lights and lanterns scene.
A thumbnail of one of my spiral lights scenes.
A thumbnail of my fractal lines scene.
A thumbnail of my rings and girders scene.

Diagrams & Illustration

Various illustrations and diagrams created to support my wife's PHD work.

A thumbnail of a detail of an Adherens Junction.
A thumbnail of pBabe Puro DNA vector.
A thumbnail of a detail of a Slug Sequence diagram.
A thumbnail of DOPPA Molecular structure diagram.
A thumbnail of Sodium Iodide Symporter diagram.
A thumbnail of a Rottlerin molecular structure diagram.


A collection of photographs. Overlaps a bit with my photo albums, but they're more holiday snaps than Photography.

Thumbnail of a closeup of greenery and flowers, with a bee.
Thumbnail of a lillypond scene with background greenery.
Thumbnail of scene showing a vivid orange fallen leaf against the gray earth..
Thumbnail of a closeup of a large sunflower, against sunflower foliage.